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Your testimonies are very important to us. Beyond measuring your satisfaction, they also allow us to innovate, to seek perfection in the composition of our products. Keeping in touch with you is, and will remain, one of our top priorities.

This oil is just brilliant!! When you start a cure, impossible to stop! Visible results after only 2 weeks. Much more fooling that all other anti-wrinkle creams I used before. Thank you Le Rayon Nature for this excellent product. Pascale - Belgium

I was really annoyed by the visible tiredness under my eyes as well as the very marked wrinkles. After 3 weeks of use of the Prickly Pear Seed oil, I noticed a clear improvement and a well-being hydrating on my face. Definitely to recommend. Isabelle - France

After 6 months trial, I returned for the Prickly Pear Seed oil and I made all the market to find it! Great product, the only one I used for the last six months alongside the Argan oil. Thanks to Le Rayon Nature. Anonymous - France

Since I use the Prickly Pear Seed oil, I feel younger. My skin is smoother. I cannot do without it any more, and it is unexpensive and natural!! Marie-Annick - France

The organic Prickly Pear Seed oil is fantastic. To recommend! Anne-Sophie - France

The Prickly Pear Seed oil is impressive! A great ANTI-WRINKLE PRODUCT that works for once!!! I am more than satisfied having tried other products which, in spite of exorbitant prices, were ineffective. Rely on Le Rayon Nature!! Julia - France

I personally tested the Argan oil, rich, not oily and great moisturizing and the Prickly Pear Seed oil for the bottom of my eyes. I tried so many many eyes creams! With the Argan oil and the Prickly Pear Seed oil, everything was incredibly reduced! Long life to the Argan oil, the Prickly Pear Seed oil and the other products. Dominique - France

Fabienne, for a wait of delivery due to a stock shortage: good evening, I was delighted by the quality of this oil and I look forward to receiving it. Thank you and goodbye. Fabienne - France

Hello, just to thank you for the speed of your sending and the incredible quality of your products. Thank you. Marie-Florence - France

Very good products... I recommend them to you: a real rejuvenating experience in particular the Argan oil and the Prickly Pear Seed oil! Renée - France

Super Argan Oil! I am 54 years old, ultra-dry skin (blonde). I now have great skin and I am saving a lot by giving up ........ and ..... ......! Fabienne - France

Extra Argan Oil! After I’d been out in the sun, my skin was refreshed. Marie-France - France

Completely convinced by your Argan Oil! This one is “does what it says on the tin”. No question! Anonymous - France

A great product like this will never draw criticism! P.F. - France

I binned my ..... cream in favour of Argan Oil. Ditto for my man. Watch this space... Anne - France

The flask is very hygienic, the texture is very pleasant, it spreads out well and is not " too" liquid as was the previous one. Moreover the former version, I finished on the body where it was more adapted. I appreciate a lot its very discreet smell. It penetrates very well into my skin. I have even the impression it is more moisturizing than the former one. For this one, I am a fan! Besides your oils. Catherine - France

Prickly Pear oil and Argan/Prickly Pear face cream: excellent products. Wrinkles reduced after 3 months of use! Christine - France

I just tested your deodorant and I want to congratulate you on the quality and effectiveness of this product. Gentle on the armpits and effortlessly effective all day. Goodbye store-bought antiperspirants. Your oils are also wonderful and of great quality. Well done! Paule - France

Hello, I am very satisfied with the prickly pear seed oil, which I put on my face in the evening after washing. It is true that it is expensive, but I am often told that I don’t look like I’m nearing 80. I might give the face cream a try, if the price isn't too high. Josiane - France

Hello, I have been using prickly pear seed oil and rose water for several years now. I really like these products and highly recommend them. Ordering is very easy. Deliveries always on time and I regularly check whether there are any jobs going with your company. I wish you every success and I will certainly be continuing to order my favourite products. Julie - France

Dear Sir, every night for the past ten years, to the great pleasure of my skin, I have been applying prickly pear oil for the eye contour area (which effectively fights against puffiness), and argan oil which is the best anti-wrinkle treatment. These are two must-have products for me. Very best wishes. Catherine - France

Still a fan of your products and my daughter has also caught the bug. Well-being starts with your products... Séverine - FaceBook - France

An exceptional oil for combatting bags under the eyes and it is the only product that relieves my allergies and itchy eyelids! So much better than cortisone creams and with no side-effects! The skin on my face is smoothed when I wake up and you can use it in the evening or in the morning or both, including under light makeup. I’m a little less keen on the creamy texture but I use it alternately with the oil. Le Rayon Nature products are all of a very high quality, having tried several on the recommendations of my sister, who is also a fan. The after-sales service is top-notch and very responsive when I’ve had need of it. I recommend this site. Guénaëlle - FaceBook - France

Excellent quality product !! that I have been using for years. Stéphanie - Chaîne YouTube Le Rayon Nature - France

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