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After many years working for major international companies, in 2009, Thierry Leray founded Le Rayon Nature. The idea is to offer women high quality organic cosmetic plant-based oils. Starting in local markets in Dinard and Dinan, Le Rayon Nature rapidly turned its attention to organic salons throughout France. After a few years of touring the roads of France, Le Rayon Nature concentrated its energies on the internet market, which was, by that time, rapidly expanding. During this period, the reputation of Le Rayon Nature had grown considerably. At the same time, Thierry Leray realised that one of the plant-based oils he was offering to his clientele, organic prickly pear seed oil, was achieving incredible results, to the detriment of other oils. And for good reason! Looking more closely at the chemical composition of organic prickly pear seed oil, he discovered that its vitamin E, Omega 6 and sterols content is much greater than that of argan oil, hitherto the “undisputed champion” of active cosmetic ingredients. It was at this time that Le Rayon Nature then started to focus on the sale of pure organic prickly pear seed oil, seed oil and developed a line of cosmetic products based on this exceptional oil. Success was on the cards and Le Rayon Nature has since accumulated numerous glowing testimonials on the quality and effectiveness of its products. Today, Le Rayon Nature is expanding its activities to include the United Kingdom and Ireland while continuing to promote this precious oil, still relatively unknown amongst the general public. Le Rayon Nature has been certified organic since 2010.

Le Rayon Nature on the road to excellence. In developing the composition of its cosmetic products, the teams at Le Rayon Nature seek excellence above everything else, that is to say, manufacturing effective products, which offer visible and lasting results, combined with fine and silky textures for a pleasurable and gentle feel. For this, Le Rayon Nature uses only high-quality, organic, and/or natural raw materials. For example, the oily composition of Le Rayon Nature creams is engineered almost exclusively around organic prickly pear seed oils and organic argan oil. Le Rayon Nature also makes a point of replacing water with Damascus rose floral water whenever possible, adding complementary active ingredients to its plant-based oils. The quest for excellence remains the main priority to the development of Le Rayon Nature.
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